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I'm a PhD student studying mathematical physics at the University of York. Specifically, I'm working on aspects of quantum integrability such as the ODE-IM correspondence, and using Gaudin models as a rich class of examples to study these phenomena.

One plus one space, or the Minkowski plane, is the background spacetime on which most of the known quantum integrable systems are defined, such as the quantum sine-Gordon theory, which is what I'm currently working on.

I have a YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/@OnePlusOneSpace/.

I also edit Wikipedia at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Zephyr_the_west_wind.

Email: ricky[dot]li[at]york[dot]ac[dot]uk


Year 2023-24, Semester 1: Vector & Complex Calculus

Maths stuff

Biofilm Morphogenesis

Expository notes including part III essay

Manim practice

Physics and geometry

The Belt Trick

Pseudospheres and sine-Gordon

Hopf fibration

Möbius maps and stars in the sky

Roots and weights

Root systems

Irreducible representations of sl(3)

Weight diagrams of other rank 2 root systems

Silly stuff

Please don't take these seriously.

Descriptivist Manifesto

Descriptivist Dictionary

Topics in visualisation theory

Media I'm consuming

Political Manifold Theory (slightly unhinged)

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